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Marketing for Romance Writers.Org is excited to announce our annual “Write-place, Write-time” Submissions event scheduled for September 8th and 9th, 2012.

We have an amazing panel of Publishers and Editors ready to give YOU, aspiring authors or seasoned authors, an opportunity to “pitch your dreams” to a listening audience.

BUT…that ever tricky timing can be a slippery little rascal. So, for you - MFRW is providing a platform of:

“Write-place, Write-time”

Let's say you are on an elevator when...

...the publisher/editor of your dreams steps through the door. Your heart is pumping, your hands are clammy and you know you have a limited amount of time to tell this person about the next New York Times Best Seller for which you have just assigned those coveted words "the end".

MFRW brings you that elevator moment.


Silver Publishing is an e-Book publisher of homosexual and heterosexual romance and erotic romance novels, novellas, short fiction and anthologies.

We do not offer advances; however we do pay royalties on sales from our website and from our distributors approximately 45 days after the end of each quarter. Silver Publishing pays 50% net on royalties earned for e-book and paperback sales whether it be on Silver Publishing or from one of our distribution partners.

For a sample contract, feel free to email us at

Services Provided

• Editorial Service
• Exclusive Book Cover Art
• ISBN for your book
• Promotional Assistance for your book
• Auto removal of your book from various pirate sites

The above services are at no cost to the author.

An exclusive cover will be used for manuscripts with a word count of 15,001 or more, excepting special submissions where a generic cover is a part of the submission (for example, Summer Heat).

• All Romance Ebooks
• OmniLit
• BookStrand
• 1Romance e-Books
• Amazon
• Barnes & Noble
• Sony
• Kobo
• Apple iPad (iBookstore)
• And many more other online distributors!

• Amazon
• Various Bookstores and Online Retailers including Barnes & Noble
• Libraries

Our Book Standards

SP accepts both homosexual and heterosexual erotic romance. Although accepted works do not need to contain graphic sex scenes, a sexual relationship between two or more characters must be integral to the storyline. We also welcome stories which are unexpected, surprising, dark, controversial, and cross-genre. We accept both stand-alone and well-developed series. We have only a few exclusions, and here they are:

 Pedophilia. Specifically, sexual interaction between adults and under aged characters.
 Necrophilia. Specifically, sexual interaction between characters and corpses. (Undead is fine.)
 Bestiality. Specifically, sexual interaction between characters and animals (not shifters).
 Rape for titillation. That is, rape specifically written to arouse the reader.

Rape is acceptable in the following instances:
 If it is not arousing and is used by a character (the non-hero or -heroine of the story) to demonstrate malicious intent
 If it is referenced in the character’s past
 Scat
 Snuff
 Watersports

• CONTEMPORARY – modern day love stories with strong characters
• HISTORICAL – love stories dating back in time which remain within the same era (no time travel); Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethan, Regency, Pirate, Colonial, Americana, etc.
• PARANORMAL – vampires, werewolves, shifters, zombies, boogie men, etc.
• WESTERNS – Cowboys, ranchers, and Native Americans.
• BDSM – bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadomasochism (must be Safe, Sane, and consensual).
• MYSTERY/SUSPENSE/ACTION – detectives/police/investigators (anyone with a badge), fast-paced thrillers, political thrillers, mystery, crime thriller, suspense, espionage, and in-the-field stories.
• SCI-FI – Science fiction, urban worlds, futuristic, time travel, and alternate reality.
• FANTASY – magic, dragons, elves, fairies, myths, etc.
• HOLIDAY STORIES – Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or Christmas

• Sparkle: 5,000 – 15,000 words
• Novella: 15,001 – 25,999 words
• Novel-Lite: 26,000 – 45,999 words
• Novel: 46,000 words and up (We are currently not accepting novel manuscripts with a word count of 46k and above)

Submitting a Proposal
Unsolicited manuscripts are accepted at any time via electronic file. No hard copy, printed manuscripts accepted via snail mail.

We request that you submit your proposal with the following criteria:

 Your legal name and pen name, if applicable
 Working Title, including Series name, if applicable
 Word count (or expected word count if not completed)
 Genre(s)
 A succinct summary providing an overall summary of the story, characters, major events, climax and conclusion. This is not a blurb, but a synopsis. Please limit your summary to a maximum of three paragraphs.

Please follow these simple formatting guidelines.
 Manuscripts will be accepted in the following formats: .docx, .doc, .rtf, and .txt
 1.5 line spacing.
 Standard 12 pt serif font such as Times New Roman is preferred.
 1 inch margins (left, right, top and bottom) with a 0 .5 indent for the first line of each paragraph only.
 No “tabs” or spacing to indent the first paragraph line are to be used. Manuscripts with tab and space indents will be rejected immediately.
 Page numbers on the bottom center of each page.
 Header of manuscript must contain author name and title. Example: Book Title by Author Name
 All submissions must be spell-checked and edited based on US English or UK English grammar and spelling standards. (Regional words and slang are accepted when appropriate.)

 Current submission read time is approximately 6-8 weeks.
 Upon review, editors may request more than the partial manuscript for the preliminary evaluation.
 A complete manuscript will be required before a contract is offered.
 All contracts are electronically exchanged via email.

These Submission Guidelines are subject to change without notice

CLICK HERE!! For more information and detail to submit your manuscript to this publisher click here for further instruction on this event.

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