Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3rd SPOTLIGHT - Pitch Your Dreams to Storm Moon Press

Marketing for Romance Writers.Org is excited to announce our annual “Write-place, Write-time” Submissions event scheduled for September 8th and 9th, 2012.

We have an amazing panel of Publishers and Editors ready to give YOU, aspiring authors or seasoned authors, an opportunity to “pitch your dreams” to a listening audience.

BUT…that ever tricky timing can be a slippery little rascal. So, for you - MFRW is providing a platform of:

“Write-place, Write-time”

Let's say you are on an elevator when...

...the publisher/editor of your dreams steps through the door. Your heart is pumping, your hands are clammy and you know you have a limited amount of time to tell this person about the next New York Times Best Seller for which you have just assigned those coveted words "the end".

MFRW brings you that elevator moment.


Since Storm Moon Press' inception, our goal has been offering the best publishing experience for our authors and an amazing reading experience for our readers. We understand that a publishing company can't exist without authors to write and readers to read, and so we've made keeping them happy our primary focus. Storm Moon Press publishes quality QUILTBAG and alternative lifestyle erotic fiction, and our imprints Thunder Moon and Budding Moon focus on QUILTBAG genre fiction and young adult fiction with the same eye toward quality. We work with a talented staff of artists and editors, striving to deliver on every promise we've made.

We are available to receive pitches for all QUILTBAG (Queer/Questioning, Intersexed, Lesbian, Trans*, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay) erotica, erotic romance, romance, and genre fiction for both Storm Moon Press and our non-erotic, genre specific imprint, Thunder Moon. We are also seeking pitches for QUILTBAG young adult titles, which can either be romantic or not, for our YA imprint, Budding Moon. For mainstream erotica, erotic romance, and romance pitches, we have our Wild Moon imprint.

Our word counts range from 20,000 to 120,000 words, and we offer print releases as well as digital for all works over 65,000 words.

We're specifically looking for (though will consider pitches other than these) pitches that contain:
Angels and demons
Well done BDSM
Full-figured heroines
Older heroes and heroines
Speculative fiction
Dystopian and post-apocalyptic
Sci-fi and aliens with strong world-building High fantasy Erotic horror Polyamory
Young adult
Any title that fits one of our current line calls, found here

We are not willing to look at manuscripts that include bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, scat, golden showers, or parent/child incest.

Our full submission guidelines can be found on our site, which explain contracts, royalties, and all the ins and outs of working with Storm Moon Press.

CLICK HERE!! For more information and detail to submit your manuscript to this publisher click here for further instruction on this event.

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