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14th SPOTLIGHT - Pitch Your Dreams To LOOSE ID

Marketing for Romance Writers.Org is excited to announce our annual “Write-place, Write-time” Submissions event scheduled for September 8th and 9th, 2012.

We have an amazing panel of Publishers and Editors ready to give YOU, aspiring authors or seasoned authors, an opportunity to “pitch your dreams” to a listening audience.

BUT…that ever tricky timing can be a slippery little rascal. So, for you - MFRW is providing a platform of:

“Write-place, Write-time”

Let's say you are on an elevator when...

...the publisher/editor of your dreams steps through the door. Your heart is pumping, your hands are clammy and you know you have a limited amount of time to tell this person about the next New York Times Best Seller for which you have just assigned those coveted words "the end".

MFRW brings you that elevator moment.


Loose Id takes romance to the edge: the edge of the genre, the edge of convention, the edge of the abyss. And then we throw it right on in. A Loose Id romance is deliberately, specifically, and insistently erotic. It ought to make you blush and squirm in your seat, while keeping you turning pages because you have to find out what happens next.

We're looking for stories that unleash the power of fantasy and the id. New twists on old favorites, both erotic and romantic. Whether it's that hotass cop and the speeder he pulled over, a threesome with your two best gay friends, anonymous sex with the guy you saw pumping gas, capture fantasy, sex slavery, cowboy and city slicker, secret babies, secretary and sheikh, we want stories that tap specific reader fantasies and make them as erotic as the plotline will support.

Your story should have a clear romance hook, even though we encourage plots that have a broader external conflict. Readers love sprawling stories, but they want to know from the outset who is going to fall in love, what's going to get in their way, and why it's important that they resolve it. Remember, the idea is to indulge the id by fulfilling familiar reader fantasies in a new and unique way, so those fantasies need to be recognizable and powerful.

Accepted Genres

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Mystery & Suspense
Gay, Lesbian & Transgendered
Menage & Polyamory
BDSM & Fetish

About the contemporaries and historicals

Because we're sharpening our focus on reader fantasy, we're reopening submissions to contemporaries and historicals that are sufficiently erotic to meet our desire to have readers squirming in their seats. No inspirationals, no sweet romances, no category romance. But, feel free to take those standard romance tropes and plotlines and make them as erotic as the story will support. We'd prefer historicals and contemporaries to include multicultural elements, interracial elements, full-figured heroines, menage, bdsm, alternate lifestyle, lgbt themes or polyamory, but we will happily look at your hot heterosexual Alpha heroes in single-partner relationships, so long as they're hunky and HOT.

About paranormal, sff, mystery & suspense

While we encourage broad, inventive plots, please remember that we publish erotic ROMANCE. No cozy mysteries, no urban fantasy with sex for titillation, no sprawling space epics with the occasional love story. We expect every story to have a fully realized romance with conflict and resolution, even if you're not taking them all the way to happily ever after. Stories with a large external conflict must have a romance hook - one that is specifically erotic. As with contemporaries and historicals, we'd prefer these to include multicultural elements, interracial elements, full-figured heroines, menage, bdsm, alternate lifestyle, lgbt themes or polyamory,but we're perfectly happy to look at your sky pirates and outlaw heroes who find the girl of their dreams, so long as the story makes us squirm.

About LGBT, menage & poly, bdsm & fetish

Everything we've said about romances, hooks, and fantasies still applies when dealing with LGBT, menage & poly, bdsm & fetish themes. While some of our books in these categories cater specifically to the relevant community, we still expect them to be accessible to and enjoyable for the bulk of our female readers. Romance is the key. At Loose Id, we believe love is love is love is love. The heart wants who it wants and the id wants what it wants. Tell us a story about someone or someones getting their heart and id's desire. It's not enough that it's two guys, two girls, a drag queen and a pre-op transexual, three or more lovers, or there are whips, chains, clamps, pony play. Turn it inside out and show us the hearts that make it work. Show us the rainbow and make us believe - and squirm, don't forget the squirming.

Specific Guidelines


20,000-120,000 words. Flings of less than 20,000 words and shorter stories are by invitation only to authors currently publishing with us. Stories of 55,000 - 70,000 words will receive an advance and be automatically considered for print.

In very rare circumstances we will accept previously published manuscripts that meet our guidelines, however they will only be considered in conjunction with a complete, unpublished manuscript meeting our guidelines by the same author.

Series and Serials

We're not generally interested in serials or series beyond three books at this time. While we'll still look at manuscripts intended to be part of a much longer series, each story must stand alone and subsequent books will be judged on their own merit as well as the sales for previous books in the series.

CLICK HERE!! For more information and detail to submit your manuscript to this publisher click here for further instruction on this event.

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