Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Marketing for Romance Writers.Org is excited to announce our annual “Write-place, Write-time” Submissions event scheduled for September 8th and 9th, 2012.

We have an amazing panel of Publishers and Editors ready to give YOU, aspiring authors or seasoned authors, an opportunity to “pitch your dreams” to a listening audience.

BUT…that ever tricky timing can be a slippery little rascal. So, for you - MFRW is providing a platform of:

“Write-place, Write-time”

Let's say you are on an elevator when...

...the publisher/editor of your dreams steps through the door. Your heart is pumping, your hands are clammy and you know you have a limited amount of time to tell this person about the next New York Times Best Seller for which you have just assigned those coveted words "the end".

MFRW brings you that elevator moment.


Seeking historical westerns (1850-1930 depression era and contemporary) novels.
Contemporary/mainstream romance.

We publish romance in a variety of lengths:

Short Novella (10-20K)
Novella (20K-35K)
Short Novel (35K-50K)

Novel (50K-85K)

Plus Novel (85K +)

Please note, we ONLY publish romance. Please do not submit women's fiction, poetry, science fiction, fanfiction, or any type of nonfiction.

Inspired books are never boring and sometimes step out of the box. If you have written a manuscript that doesn't quite fit traditional publishing guidelines, we'd love to take a look.

The key to writing an Inspired title is EMOTION, EMOTION, EMOTION! We especially are looking for:

Strong, passionate, intelligent characters; remember strong does not mean physically. Strength comes from within to overcome hard situations.

Intense, emotionally riveting plots and situations. Feel free to delve into sensitive topics that affect real people (e.g. childhood abuse, rape, infertility, terminal illness, infidelity). I cannot encourage a potential writer enough—go there! Write deeply. Squeeze our hearts.

Conflict to create the tension and move the plot. The entire book should be interesting to read, not just the beginning and end!

A well-defined, well-executed romantic plot. Don't just inform your readers the characters are in love. Write so that we feel the love and bond growing throughout the book. Characters should help heal and nurture each other and in doing so, fulfill their happily-ever-after.

CLICK HERE!! For more information and detail to submit your manuscript to this publisher click here for further instruction on this event.

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