Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pitch To - ASTRAEA PRESS - MFRW's 28th Publisher SPOTLIGHT

Marketing for Romance Writers.Org is excited to announce our annual “Write-place, Write-time” Submissions event scheduled for September 8th and 9th, 2012.

We have an amazing panel of Publishers and Editors ready to give YOU, aspiring authors or seasoned authors, an opportunity to “pitch your dreams” to a listening audience.

BUT…that ever tricky timing can be a slippery little rascal. So, for you - MFRW is providing a platform of:

“Write-place, Write-time”

Let's say you are on an elevator when...

...the publisher/editor of your dreams steps through the door. Your heart is pumping, your hands are clammy and you know you have a limited amount of time to tell this person about the next New York Times Best Seller for which you have just assigned those coveted words "the end".

MFRW brings you that elevator moment.


Astraea was formed in 2010 when Stephanie Taylor saw the need for a non-erotic e-publisher that offers wholesome reads but still maintains the quality of mainstream romance. The first titles for Astraea were launched in February 2011 and they now house some of the biggest names in the e-publishing industry.

With over six years experience and an avid reader, owner Stephanie looks forward to working with her authors, having fun, and bringing you the best books available.

Astraea is a royalty paying publisher, NOT a vanity press.

What can Astraea offer you as an author? Here's a few highlights:
  • Working one on one with our cover artist to develop a cover you can be proud to display
  • 50% royalties on AstraeaPress.com site sales
  • Individual, customized marketing plan for each author to help your sales that combine with our own marketing efforts for your book
  • Direct communication lines between owner, editors, cover artist, and authors. No middle man here!

CLICK HERE!! For more information and detail to submit your manuscript to this publisher click here for further instruction on this event.


  1. That is true I've seen that on some people I've known that are authors. I will look forward to do this in the next few years because sometime soon I would like to publish my own romantic novel. In the meantime I am reading a lot and I just finished reading this one called Defense of the Heart you can check it out at this website: http://jamiedellwhite.com
    Thanks for the tips! I will keep them close to me from now on.

  2. Thanks for thepost. Was very nice and helpful :)