Friday, January 3, 2014

Understanding YouTube Upload Options for Authors #MFRWorg

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This is the first in a series of posts by Marketing for Romance Writer staff members. The staff consists of volunteers who give their time to help others learn how to market their books.

Authors who want to upload a video to YouTube often face a confusing array of choices. Here are the basics you need to know for each section. Choosing the options listed below may net you better results than using the default settings.

YouTube Basic Settings Section

Name your video something catchy (a default like "wmv46" is not very attractive). The name of your book is fine.
Use your book's blurb here. We suggest you also add any licensing info (such as your music) and a link to your author site.
Tags (for Book Trailers)
Do not use commas. Separate with simple blank spaces. For tags that consist of more than one word, use quotation marks. Below are tags recommended for book trailers. Use these exact words, substituting "Author Name" for your name (in quotes), your publisher name, your title, and your genres. Try to pick one word genres. It is better to have paranormal and romance than to have "paranormal romance" -- because it will gain you a wider readership.
  • Author
  • Novel
  • Reading
  • "Author Name"
  • Publisher
  • Title
  • Genre1
  • Genre2
Public (anyone can search for and view - recommended)
Standard YouTube License

A sample YouTube video

YouTube Advanced Settings Section

Comments and responses (select the following)
  • Allow comments: Approved
  • Users can vote on comments
  • Users can view ratings for this video
  • Allow video responses: Approved
Choose: This content has never aired on television in the U.S.
Allow Embedding
Leave blank unless you want your address listed online
Today or the day you finished the video
no preference is fine
This section may not be visible to you unless you have monetized your channel. If you have, follow your guidelines.
Embedding Options (suggested)
Choose: This video may be shared in a G+ Hangout. On the YouTube channel, after selecting the video, click Share, and look for the orange G+ Hangout button.
Don't forget to select the Share link and add it to other information you keep about your book.

Kayelle Allen
To share just the video, press play, and click the share button. Uncheck the "share with playlist" option and copy the video link provided. That will be your url for sharing your video.

That's all there is to it. Once you have uploaded your video, share it everywhere. Put it in your newsletter, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media. Add it to your blog and webpage. You'll find many uses for it. Good luck!
Post by Kayelle Allen, found of MFRW, owner of The Author's Secret, an author support company.

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