Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#StreetTeam #Promotions for the #MFRWAuthor with @kristynphipps

When I first found our marketing group, I was overwhelmed at the variety of promotional, networking, and learning opportunities that were offered on a monthly basis.  After being a member for six months, I decided to start giving back to all those who had given me such warm encouragement and wise advice by taking on the bloghops. Within another six months, I became the first Activities Director. Now, I will admit that this job is much more than I can handle, and that is why I'm so thankful to my support staff that handles so much of the brunt work so that I can work behind the scenes to organize and plan the next event. I'm so proud to be an active member of this group.

With my position, I get to see a wide range of opportunities on the horizon that many of you don't see until it's here. I want to take this year and highlight those opportunities for you, help you engage yourself, and encourage you to get involved. We have so many promotional opportunities: bloghops, newsletters, minibooks, sponsorships, etc. Today, I'm going to highlight our Street Team.

How to Get Promoted

In the fall of 2013, MFRW established a small street team. This group of people post established tweets for our members. Anyone with something to share, a book, blog post, special sale, contest, etc., just needs to fill out the form here to get promoted. Our street team will take the information you give and word a tweet to be blasted across the internet. 

What Are the Benefits?

MFRW has over 1900 members and nearly 400 followers on Twitter. Each of these brings a new audience to the table and the potential for you to be discovered by new readers. Tweets gets passed along by our followers on a regular basis and this means more exposure for you. Plus with the potential connection to Facebook, you will find an even larger boost of potential readers finding you!

Not only will you enhance your sales opportunities, but your networking opportunities will increase as well. As people share the tweet our Street Team sends out, you in turn will receive a notice that it was shared. It gives you the opportunity to connect with another MFRW member, reader, editor, publisher, graphic artists, etc. Today's book business isn't just about how well you write; it's now become a networking business all in itself, and MFRW gives you, our members, the opportunity to tap into that market as well.

If you have any questions on the Street Team or how you can get promoted, please feel free to ask questions in group or reach out to me personally. We want to help you succeed in any way possible!

Meet Kristyn

Kristyn Phipps lives in the foothills of North Carolina where she and her husband are raising their two daughters and their lab/shepherd mix daughter, Lady. She is a regularly featured writer for the Conover Life Magazine. She loves to bake, read, and drive.

Kristyn joined Marketing for Romance Writers as a member in 2012. She became the bloghop Director in January of 2013, and was promoted to Activities Director in April that year. She oversees all promotional and camp events for the group.

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