Saturday, March 28, 2015

The business of Writing: Now what do I do? #MFRWAuthor #MFRWorg

The manuscript is done and with the publisher. Now what do you do?

I can tell you not to just sit there and wait. Start working on your next manuscript. The more work you have to offer the more chances you have to sell your books.

Back in the days of RWA we were told not to do multiple submissions. Send in one ms and then wait for that publisher to get back to you. I learned personally that could take a year or more. Like a good little writer who followed the rules, I waited and wrote. So by the time I did sell my first book I had two others waiting in the wings.

Then someone asked me if I had a web page. Of course not. I wouldn’t need one until my book came out right? Wrong. I was told I needed to get my name out there. Did I write newsletter articles for my local RWA chapter? Put them on the web page. Today’s technology allows the publisher you submitted to, to google your name to see how visible you are. Having that webpage can be very important.

In the beginning I build my own webpage and loaded it with articles I wrote and other things I thought an author could use. Then I was lucky enough to win a professional web design at a conference, which is what I have now.

Then I heard about author’s Den. Free? Really? And I can build a web page for myself? Cool. Did that, although I’ll admit I haven’t updated it in years. In fact, I latched onto (and still do) anything free that would help promote me. Most of us do.

Then Facebook came along and I was asked if I had a facebook author page. What is that? Well, I did my research and created one of those. I try to keep it to writing, updates on my work, visitors to my blog, when a book is accepted, updates as I go through the editing process. Anything I think people might find interesting.

How about twitter? Did I belong to twitter? Well I created an account and ignored it for a long time, but I’m trying to do better now, even though I’m still a bit clueless when dealing with it.

Then I joined MFRW:

Since then I learned about the amazon author page. Have one and have my blog feed tied into it. I always make sure I go and add my new books as they come out.

Created a blog. This one was one of those kicking and screaming moments. I work, took care of my young son, and now my MIL. I had to fight to find time to write, how the heck was I going to find time to write a blog? And what would I put on it? I started using my writing knowledge. I’m a nurturer by nature so it’s natural for me to give back.

Joined Triberr a couple of years ago and I’m still learning – did you know that if you go to each tribe stream and release your tribemates blogs instead of doing it from your main stream you normally get more people releasing your blog as well? Who would have thunk it...

Not figured out how Goodreads helps...

I’ve now done blog hops, guest blogs, have guests on my blog and joined a small group of authors who are of like mind and writing. We’re working on promoting our group. I pay a little money on advertising when I can – I’m with TRS and RB4U. I’ve gone in on ads in RT mag, and bought ads in BTS mag. What else? Oh yeah, done chats, programs (online as well as in person), book signings.

Writer Tip: And every time I hear of something new I go and check it I have to figure out what @me is all about. I have an account now it’s time to utilize it.


Barbara Donlon Bradley wears many hats. She’s a mother, wife, care-giver, author, and editor. She’s a senior editor for Melange Books, and writes for Phaze and Melange books/Satin Romances with over twenty titles under her belt.


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