Friday, March 6, 2015

#MFRWorg Author-to-Author: Writing Tips @RobinGlasser1 #MFRWauthor

MFRW Author Robin Glasser shares some advice to improve your writing.

Besides being an author, I’m also an editor, which makes writing difficult because I’m constantly editing my work—one of the main reasons it takes me so long to write a book. A good exercise I learned from one of many writing groups is to keep paper and pen by your bed. As soon as you wake up, start scribbling. I've covered oodles of pages this way, some of which were real gems!

Read a lot.

Try to write something everyday. If you find yourself staring at a blank page and nothing's happening, promote your book on Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn, for examples.

Join a writing group for feedback and sympathy. If one’s not available, start your own in the library. I did and it was great fun plus I learned a lot too! Oh, and read what you've written aloud or have someone read your pages back to you. You’ll be amazed by what your ears pick up that your eyes might have missed!

I try extremely hard to avoid clich├ęs and write lines that will stand out. Michael Chabon, another author I admire, always has some memorable phrases sprinkled throughout his books. One description that comes to mind (paraphrasing): “his face was like a sagging front porch…” I mean, how visual is that!

Recovering copywriter, Robin Glasser has written for a variety of magazines ranging from Readers' Digest to Penthouse Letters, where she wrote a column called "The Red Hot Woman." Her poetry has been published in Upstairs at Duroc and The Riverside Poetry Review. Ms. Glasser's novel, MY LIFE AS A CONCUBINE, is based on her experiences in Paris or as she likes to call it, The City of Merde, and has been re-released from Smashwords and is available in paperback and as an ebook. Robin guarantees MEN AT WORK, her fully-illustrated book of poetry, will put twinkles in your eyes and sparkles in your pants. Don't forget to watch her fast-paced peepshows based on these tongue & cheeky poems at You can get a copy from Her latest novel, THE BRAIN EXCHANGE, is available at Smashwords, Amazon, and virtual bookstores near you. She now reads at various venues in New York. 

The Brain Exchange

Erotic SciFi Suspense
Abandon your beliefs and let your reality run wild. Imagine being fully aware inside a body of the opposite gender. Now imagine the best sex you ever had. Would this just be different? Or better? Or the best ever?

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