Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Quickie...No Not THAT Kind #MFRWAuthor

 Do we ever have enough time? I sure don't. So sometimes I put off posting to some blog sites or other promo opportunities because I needed to set up my link. Or else I used the link itself, like this:
And isn't that pretty much icky? I found out I could remove a lot of the link, like this:

But still it just didn't give the impression I knew what I was doing.  Well, because I didn't. The nice people at Exquisite Quills had directions on how to make that link look a lot more professional. So every time I put in the link I very carefully typed in or copied all the HREFs and <> a and so on. Again, time consuming and way too easy to mess up. Especially when I redid it every time. Yikes.

Then an ah-ha moment. Why not...set up those links ONE TIME and save them. Like this:

<a href="">Mona's Fun Place</a>
<a href="http://">Amazon Author Page</a>
<a href="">Black Opal Books Author Page</a>

so they look like this: https:Mona's Fun Place and so on. This is obviously not necessary everywhere but when you need it often, it's so much easier to have it ready to go

Sadly, it took me a while to figure out how to set this up and save it instead of redoing it. Hey, I was in the middle of a romance...vicariously, of course. It might be almost everyone who reads this post has already figured out this shortcut. But if only one person is was worth the time it took to share this month's quickie.

Mona Karel is the writing alter ego of Monica Stoner, who can be found running her Salukis around the dog show ring, elbows deep in garden soil, and not often enough in front of her computer, searching for that perfect phrase to convey deep emotions. Her recent books include the Stormhaven Love Stories, Romance with a bit of suspense, a bit of humor, and a lot of love.
She helps out MFRW by moderating posts and answering how to questions. 

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