Monday, October 17, 2016

#WWoW A Day In The Life of A #MFRWauthor Ann Raina

A Day In The Life of MFRW Author Ann Raina
Ann Raina lives and works in Germany with cats and a horse. Riding and writing are her favorite hobbies. So far she has written thirteen novels for eXtasy Books with more to come. Her latest series, starting with The Secretary’s Bodyguard, turns around a couple getting into dangerous, life-threatening adventures.

In all of her books she combines romance, suspense, and humorous elements, for no thrilling story can stand without a comic relief.

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I work in an office. I have a horse to take care of every day. These demands limit my writing time, including on weekends. Therefore I'm used to write wherever I go and have time to ponder ideas, scenes, and character development. I don't leave the house without a notebook and pen.

My latest, now published book was written in four months because the story came up nicely and many characters offered themselves for developing from the series' first three books. I loved adding new characters, and my muse did a lot in creating their backgrounds. With the storyline set and the main characters defined, I used every minute of the day to write the scenes.

It was so much fun, especially the afternoons with my muse -- lots of coffee, cookies, and enough paper to write down essential notes.

A Bodyguard's Trip to Peru


While at a conference with the Secretary of State, Ethan and Jazmin get confronted with terrorists, drug dealers, and a bunch of nasty people.

His hands traveled up as he stood behind her once more to sensuously caress her breasts. She leaned against him. He knew she had closed her eyes, enjoying his affection.
“Don’t you dare stop,” she warned him quietly.
“Wouldn’t dare.” Ethan kept her close, letting her know of his building arousal. “Bathroom? Shower?”
“Later. Bed. Now.” She turned around to help him out of his clothes, inching down his bodyline without losing eye contact. His boxers fell prey to her eagerness as she smiled impishly, pretending surprise at what she found. “You brought your sergeant. Ready to play?”
“If my princess commands, he’ll play.” He pulled her up and carried her to the bed.
“Then I command you to let me be on top.” She squealed when he swiveled around, laughing, to lie back and have her sit across his waist.
“And now?” He had his hands on her hips and wanted to pull her close and keep contact with every inch of her skin.
“Now I’ll regale you with my lips—” She kissed him, and he arched his brows, knowing there was more to expect. “My tongue—” Her tongue circled his nipples.
He inhaled sharply when she bit him. “Hey!”
“Sorry, hadn’t I mentioned I brought my teeth?” She made it an innocent question, and he laughed.
“No. No holes, please. My wife wants me intact.”
“Oh, your wife...” She looked him up and down and ran her hands along his sides. “Does she know that she’s missing the most perfect body any woman could desire?” Jazmin giggled. “Are you blushing?”
“Would never...”
She closed his lips with another, tongue-including kiss. “I love you like this.”
“Horny and out of my mind with love for you?”
“That’s the least I can expect.” 

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