Monday, October 3, 2016

Fandom on Twitter #UsingTwitter @kayelleallen #MFRWauthor

Everyone is a fan of something, and you can probably find it on Twitter.
If you like to read about a specific thing, use a hashtag (#) to search for it. For example, #crossstitch #Hobbit #scifi #recipes. In Twitter, go to the search bar (upper right) and type one of those. Hit return, or click the magnifying glass in the search bar. Tweets from anyone who used the term you searched for will show up. Try it with almost any word (no spaces) and you will see the possibilities.
Thranduil Fan Art (#thranduil #fanart)

Popular searches for writers:

Popular searches for readers:

Media Fandoms

But there are other fandoms besides books. Let's talk TV for a minute Do you follow any shows? These are all on Twitter.
Vampire Diaries #TVD
Once Upon A Time #OnceUponATime
The Flash #TheFlash
Supergirl #SuperGirl

Meeting Fans

Pick a show or movie that fits the genre you write, and begin following it. Retweet and share views. You will meet fans of the genre, and end up with followers. The important thing about this is NEVER to use the hashtag to promote your books. Think of fellow fans as online friends who are just as real as friends you'd meet at a coffeeshop or while out shopping. Talk to them and they will talk back. Don't try to sell them anything. Just be a tweep (friend/peep on Twitter).


Use the hashtag #fanart and you'll be amazed at how many talented people there are out there. They love the same TV and movies as you (or the same video games, etc.). These people have like interests, and when you appreciate their art, they are more likely to follow you. Want more? Follow this account. DeviantArt (they aren't deviant - it just means alternative).

Why is that important? Because they might end up being your fan. But you have to meet them first, so get out there and be a fan!

About the Author

Kayelle Allen
Follows: #scifi #Thranduil #Loki #fanart #MFRWauthor
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