Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Editing Process - Track Changes

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Okay so you’ve just got your book back from the editor. Your heart beats hard in your chest as you download it into your computer and hope they like it. You open it up and start to look through it.
I have a couple of tips to make your life easier as you work your way through the edits.

Do you have the same program as your publisher? Can you see the track changes? Can you see the comments the editor made? Questions they might have asked? I bring this up because most publishers use MS Word and if you don’t have that program you might not be able to see the comments they could make.

Do you know how to use track changes? In MS Word if you look up at the top of the screen you’ll see a line of words – file, home, insert, page layout, reference, mailings, review, and view.  If you click on the word review you’ll see the bar below it change. About half way across in that lower bar is track changes. If it is on the background it sits on turns yellow. When it’s off it is white. I found out when I get my ms’s back from my editor and I turn it off I can still accept and reject their changes. The great thing is that if I find something I need to fix that the editor didn’t mark I can make my changes without having to approve everything I alter.

 I also like the using the accept and reject section in the toolbar when I have a few of those pesky track changes I can’t seem to find. That shows it to me every time. Normally, I just right click on the underlined section and a box will appear that allows me to do the same thing the tool bar does.
Really early versions of Word put the comments in the body of the documents but as they kept upgrading the program it moved to the side of the document – the one nice thing is they are easy to delete when you have completed the comment or to add to it if you need to. Just right click to delete if you don’t want to use the tool bar up top.

I still haven’t figured out how to end this particular blog. I hope this info helps you and I’ll be continuing with the editing process next month.


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