Friday, September 23, 2011

Win a Platinum Twitter Intensive Course

The intensive Twitter 101 Course (Platinum Edition) is one 90 minute Twitter Strategy Session with Twitter 4 Business Specialist Keith Keller.* You'll learn how to:
  • Get more followers
  • Extend your reach using hashtags (#)
  • Track the progress of your tweets using customised URLs
  • Automate your tweets to save you time
  • Drive traffic back to your website to increase your database and your sales
  • and much more
You can enter to win this $197 platinum package by attending the Tweet Like a Pro class on Sept. 27, 2011 from 6:30pm-7:30pm (Eastern US). One name will be drawn at random by Keith Keller.

*Note: I copied the incorrect platinum package when posting the original prize. Keith says the Twitter 101 package actually offers more one-on-one time for coaching, whereas the other was a webinar format. In order not to break the URL, I have not changed the title of this post. [Updated 9/23/11 10:46pm]

You must:
  • have an active Twitter account
  • be a member of Marketing for Romance Writers (go here, then click "Join This Group" and mention this post)
  • be present to win (post on the group & Twitter during the workshop)
  • use the hashtag #tweetlikeapro (on Twitter)
  • follow the sponsors' Twitter accounts...

If you follow mine, I'll be more than happy to follow back.

Karen Cote is the sponsor for the Tweet Like a Pro class. Keith Keller is the sponsor for the Twitter 101 (Platinum Edition) giveaway. Marketing for Romance Writers is the official host for the workshop.

Want to tweet this but need help? Copy and paste one of these:

#Twitter #Success 4 #Writers "TWEET LIKE A PRO" @KarensRomance September 27th 6:30pm (Eastern)

#Twitter #Marketing 4 #Writers "Marketing 4 Romance Writers" @KayelleAllen @KarensRomance Sept 27th 6:30pm (Eastern)

#Twitter #Success 4 #Writers "TWEET LIKE A PRO" @KayelleAllen @KarensRomanceSeptember 27th 6:30pm (Eastern)

#Twitter 4 #Writers @KayelleAllen @KarensRomance Sept 27th @ 6:30pm (Eastern) "Marketing 4 Romance Writers"

#tweetlikeapro Sept 27th 6:30pm (Eastern) "Marketing 4 Romance Writers"

Tweet Like a Pro class Marketing for Romance Writers Tues Sept 27, 2011 6:30 pm Eastern. #tweetlikeapro #mfrw

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  1. Could I ever use this? I'm thinking, yes...the new blog site looks beautiful! Great job of designing it!

  2. Thanks, Smoky! Hope to see you "in class."

  3. The new blog looks great. Love the header.


  4. I especially like the rose pic because I'm a Crimson at Wild Rose. Feels like home to me. Great job...look forward to the tweet fest!

  5. Beautiful and eye-catching. I tweeted, but I want to win. I'm a twitter virgin and my momma didn't splain anything to me. :)

  6. Glad everyone is liking the header! And for you virgins out there... I'm sure Keith will be gentle. Ginger, your post made me LOL.

  7. It's beautiful.!/relaxingwriter

  8. Love the blog. Looking forward to the workshop. Need to get a twitter accoung before the 27th!

    I am having a hell of a time tryong to post to the blog! Neither of my google accounts seem to allow me to post other than as anonymous!

    Jeanne Barrack

  9. Love the blog's color scheme and the roses motif! Very romantic. ;)

    I have a book trailer at You tube and several blogs for my various pen names. How do I get them listed on here?

    Celine Chatillon

    Brandi's Book Trailer:

  10. Kayelle,
    The blog is beautiful!
    My twittering can be described as dangerous. I have no clue how to use the hashtag. I just tweet, re-tweet or reply.

    Thank you to Keith for offering such a great prize.

    Daughters of Avalon Publishing

  11. Wow, we are going to have so much fun at this class. Everyone's excited, and there are different levels of expertise to deal with. I love a challenge! I know Keith will do an awesome job on this program and I'm really looking forward to it.

    To have your videos linked here, post your YouTube channel in the database on our Yahoo group, -- don't panic if you don't see it. I'll be creating it on Sunday afternoon. ^_^

  12. Wow! Looks like a great opportunity! Your blog looks wonderful. I'll definitely be trying to make sure I can attend that class. I could use the help in learning how to maximize Twitter to my advantage. :)

  13. The blog looks beautiful, very romantic, love the colour scheme.

    I need to learn more about twitter, I know I'm not using it to the best advantage!