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What Social Media Accounts Do New #Authors Need? #MFRWauthor @kayelleallen

Every author needs social media. In 2012, Digital Book Word posted an article showing the potential of social media to sell books. For a great infographic on which site sells the most, click here (Shopify article and image by Mark MacDonald).

Having been published for many years, and after hosting hundreds of authors on my Romance Lives Forever blog, I can offer some good advice on what sorts of social media accounts a new author needs. I included checklists for other things that you'll find handy.

Accounts Checklist

What you need will be different from what other authors need. Adjust and fine tune your account checklist until it fits your current books. Keep in mind your needs may change with each book. Why? Because your core audience may change, depending on the genre you write, and changes in the industry.

These are basic accounts you will need as an author. The top are listed by name:
Facebook profile / author page
Google+ (vital -- authors with a Google account rank higher in searches)
Amazon Author Page
Sign up for other social media as needed. I recommend you claim your name on each, even if you don't use the accounts -- you might want to use them later.

Memberships and Business Accounts
Newsletter (MailChimp, iContact, Constant Contact, etc.)
Email list

Items to create for each book
Sample Chapters
Email signature

Website Pages or Info
Free Reads
Media Kit
Tarthian Empire
News / Press Releases

Optional items on a per-book basis
Audio clips
Book trailers

Whatever programs, software, and applications you use, keep track of the names and URLs. Record your passwords. As you grow in your profession as an author, you will be in and out of these for years to come. Trust me, it pays to be organized.

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