Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Writing Process: Meeting your Editor #mfrwauthor #mfrworg

Okay so we’re going to speed up the time clock. You’ve done your homework and you have all your media sites set up. You’re ready for that first sale. For this month’s blog we’re going to deal with a publisher, small or large there are some basic things that every author should know.

The craziest things can affect the purchase of your book. It’s a very subjective world. If the acquiring editor read a book just like yours in a previous manuscript and they didn’t like it they could read yours with that book in mind. They could have a significant other who is a lot like your hero or heroine. If they had a fight recently that could affect the purchase of your book. The last book this editor bought was a lot like yours and it didn’t do well...you get the drift.

But today is your lucky day – you made it through all of that and they bought your book. Do the happy dance! Now comes the hard part. A total stranger is going to take your baby and edit it. They aren’t going to know how many times you edited it before you sent it in. Things you think are gems they might think need to be cut. That sentence that you agonized over for two days is reworded in an instant.\

Always remember this. They are not calling your baby ugly. They are trying to make your book the best it can be. As an author and an editor I know we’re too close to our own work. We’ve edited it to death and our eyes see things that aren’t there and don’t see the mistakes that are there. We all need fresh eyes to see our work.

Next month more on this editing process....


Barbara Donlon Bradley wears many hats. She’s a mother, wife, care-giver, author, and editor. She’s a senior editor for Melange Books, and writes for Phaze and Melange books/Satin Romances with over twenty titles under her belt.

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