Thursday, January 3, 2019

Rules for Humble Writers (Yeah, Right) by Kayelle Allen @kayelleallen #Humor #MFRWauthor

Rules for Humble Writers by Kayelle Allen @kayelleallen #Humor #MFRWauthor
Christmas is finally over and we're settling in for winter. The new year is making itself at home. So I decided to share some "rules" I've learned over the years about humble writers. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, here we go...

Rules for Humble Writers

1. Being humble is rule #1. Never tell anyone you wrote a book. It's okay to write it, but keep the news to yourself. If you wrote a good book, people will find it without you saying a word.
2. Don't post any information about your book online, especially on places such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or blogs. If in doubt, see #1.
3. If someone wants to buy a copy of the book from you, sell it for no more than what it cost you to obtain. It's not humble to expect people to pay more than you did.
4. Cover art is not necessary. A book's quality should never be judged by what is outside. "Never judge a book by its cover" is an axiom.
5. Do not set goals. A true writer only writes when inspired, therefore, goals are counterproductive.
6. Wait for inspiration. Be ready to write, but don't worry about muses or looking for inspiration outside yourself. True inspiration comes from within and should not be sought. When it's real, it will come.
7. Editing is for those who don't get it right the first time. Don't write anything down until you know it's correct. This will save you time and energy, not to mention paper, ink, and erasers.
8. If your computer is on, you should be writing. Remind yourself of this. Guilt can help you stay focused.
9. Games are counterproductive to writing. There is a school of thought that they are helpful by enabling you to relax. However, this can also lead to indulgence, and should be avoided by a hard-working writer.
10. Physical exercise requires time away from your desk. Avoid it.
11. It's all right to eat all your meals at your desk. Dinner or lunch with the family is time consuming.
12. Cleaning house is maid's work. Writers write. 
13. Believe all the writing advice you get on the web.
Gotten any really bad advice lately? Other than #12, I can't agree with anything posted here.
Happy New Year everyone. =^_^= Here's to success in 2019!
By the way, that gorgeous blond on the left is the hero of my Bringer of Chaos series. The model is Nik Nitsvetov. The books are awesome. You should buy them. I'm not humble at all. 
Kayelle Allen writes Sci Fi with misbehaving robots, mythic heroes, role playing immortal gamers, and warriors who purr. She is the author of seven books, three novellas, and multiple short stories. She's also a US Navy veteran and has been married so long she's tenured.


  1. Happy to be here with you all this year :)

  2. Number 13!!! I get asked all the time what advice I would give to aspiring authors, and I always say, "Don't listen to advice." :)