Tuesday, July 11, 2017

When We Self Sabotage #MFRWAuthor

I met her in the Sprout's parking lot, the Summer sun blasting down on me. Intense heat and I are not the best of friends but I would face even worse for what she was bringing me. My heart beat harder as
 I took the package, covered in a plain brown bag, end stapled shut. At last, I could satisfy the craving she had created in me.
Mushrooms, folks...what the heck did you think I was blathering on about? Oyster mushrooms, to be precise. So much flavor, with such an amazing texture. This was the second bag she'd delivered, and this time she said the grower was happy to keep me supplied if I would just blog about them, get the word out among my various contacts.
Well...yeah of course I would! Share recipes? You betcha. Just send me the contact information...address of the farm, the website, the Facebook page. In preparation I took pictures of my bounty, and of some of the ways I used it (did you know good mushrooms make amazing hash browns? Seriously!)
My friend gave me a business name, and I turned to my good friend Google. To find...nothing.
Not one thing about this person, this farm. Heck I couldn't even bring up the farm address. I knew they had to exist, I had the proof in my fridge. Well what was left of the proof, anyway, after my 'shroom binge. Mmmmm.
Eventually my friend did get in touch with the farm owner, who said she'd have something up soon and was I able to get the word out? Well, not really since, except for the fungilicous 'shrooms there was no word to get out. When that information is available I will definitely swing into action. I've already primed my friends to descend up her for their own oyster mushrooms.
These people had a fabulous product but they were sabotaging their business.

Pretty picture to break up the text

How often do we do that to ourselves? How often do we have a fairly successful book release, or, heck, any book release, and we're caught flat footed without sufficient information about us, our other books (current or future) or any information about us which might attract potential readers. Yeah I know, we writers are a solitary sort. If we wanted to interact with people we wouldn't have selected such a solitary occupation.
When we find out people want to KNOW us we get that deer in the headlights feeling. However, unless we want to write books for giveaway, we need to get ourselves OUT THERE. That means a website, a blog, a Facebook or Twitter or whatever presence. We don't want to be winking in the dark, do we?
Confession time, I have my ups and downs about doing this for myself but I'm trying to overcome that problem. Resistance is, after all, futile! And with MFRW's own guru (AKA Kayelle Allen) we have no excuse, do we?
So I'll stick in a bit of promo for myself. The second Stormhaven book, A Question of Faith, is out and the third, A Questions of Trust, is well underway.
Stormhaven is a ranch in northern New Mexico that welcomes veterans not quite ready to move back into society. My heroes have put others first for so long, they've begun to think they don't deserve their own happiness.
Silly guys, they're actually just waiting for their perfect mate!
I'm available through Black Opal Books , on Amazon, and at Mona's Blog

When not clandestinely acquiring mushrooms or pounding the keyboard, Mona helps monitor the MFRW discussion group. Yeah, she's the one who begs you to PLEASE trim and remember to promote your fellow writers, not yourselves. Which makes for a stronger writing community, don't you think?

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