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Use a Press Release to Promote your Book! @JimDaddio #MFRWauthor

When MFRW author Jim Daddio released his book The Choice, he knew he needed to get the word out. Jim is the author of six fiction books. He lives in Palm City, Florida with his wife, Jill. His books are available on (search Jim Daddio). You can also find out more about him at He share how he publicized his book here.

As authors we want to sell as many books as possible. We must be our own self-promoter. We need to tell everyone we meet we are writers and have excellent books available. I recently contacted a local newspaper for the city of Palm City. The paper is printed once a week and placed in over twenty-five thousand mailboxes. They printed my press release. The response has been wonderful. 
Local resident pens his sixth fiction novel.
Jim Daddio, a resident of Palm City, is the author of five fiction novels. Readers who enjoy well-written, gripping mystery novels will welcome the newest offering from Jim. The Privileged, published by Wings ePress, Inc., completes a trilogy featuring private detective, Art Decco
Art is the main character in Las Vegas Dead and Heaven or Hell-A Story of Human Trafficking, also published by Wings. The history of Art's unusual surname is revealed in the stories: his family name, Deccolangelo, was shortened by his grandfather when he emigrated to America from Italy.
The Privileged is an old fashioned ‘who done it.’ When Michelle Thorne Johnston, a wealthy socialite living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is murdered, the police have enough evidence and motive to arrest and charge her husband, Clay.
He immediately proclaims his innocence and hires Art to find the real killer. The reader rides along with Art as he discovers there are several persons of interest who had reason to murder Michelle. But there is something bothering Art: Clay doesn't seem too concerned. He insists that, even if he has to go to trial, he will never be found guilty. He is rich and powerful and one of the privileged.
“Even though this is my sixth published fiction novel I have to say I am very excited about The Privileged. It is my first 'who done it mystery.' My publisher, Wings epress, is also excited about the story line. The reader will have to wait until the end to find out who committed the crime,” Jim said.
Originally from Meadville, Pennsylvania, Jim has been a resident of Palm City for seven years. He's lived in Florida for over forty years. Thirty-seven years in Fort Lauderdale, three in Clearwater and two years in Orlando.
He added, “My wife, Jill, and I really love Palm City and living in Whispering Sound. We travel to Lauderdale to visit our daughter, Jennifer, and spend several months each year in Richmond, Virginia with our son, Jim, and his family.”
His books can be found on and Barnes and Noble. (Search Jim Daddio)
“The Choice” was also featured in The Stuart News.”

The Choice is a contemporary romance novel with a touch of humor. The story centers on Josh Randall and the two women in his life. Josh arrives from Ohio to attend Georgia Tech University. It isn’t long before he learns about the intense rivalry between Tech and the University of Georgia. It’s not just the rivalry carried out on the football field on the last Saturday in November but it’s the students, the alumni and families who fuel the rivalry.

During half time of the big game Josh meets Jenny McMillan, a stunning cheerleader from Georgia. Her personality is so different from Josh’s. She is bright, electrifying, and full of energy. Josh, an engineering major, is withdrawn, serious, and quiet. But the torch is lit and it isn’t long before Josh is at the McMillan mansion meeting with her family; a true Southern family with a deep love for the University of Georgia.

Josh Randall gazed out of his large picture window overlooking the eighteenth hole of the Double Eagle Country Club. He slowly sipped his vodka staring at the meticulously manicured fairway and the freshly cut soft green grass of the putting surface. For a second he could see his reflection in the window. He had recently celebrated his forty-second birthday and on the same day he had volunteered to take part in a charity event to raise money for cancer awareness. He would attend the event, sponsored by the Junior League of Atlanta, as an eligible bachelor to be auctioned off to the highest bidder for a dinner date.
He laughed softly to himself thinking about what he had signed up for. It wasn’t something that he would normally do but after the Atlanta Weekly had him listed as Atlanta’s number one bachelor, his phone hadn’t stopped ringing. Deep down he was happy to be part of the fundraising, but wasn’t sure of what would happen during the event. Josh was the kind of man who liked to know what he was up against no matter what he did.
Josh continued to study his reflection. At age forty-two he looked good and felt as healthy as he ever had. His chestnut brown hair was cut short, parted on the left and rolled softly back. His dark brown eyes seemed to sparkle in the dim light. His six foot frame was firm and trim. He worked out, ran, and played tennis and golf…whenever he could find the time.
Josh couldn’t help thinking about what had happened to him since the day he graduated from Georgia Tech University twenty-two years ago. Sometimes it felt like just a few years ago that he started working for IBM as a software engineer right out of college. He left after ten years to start his own software company. With his partner, Paul Jessup, they formed Secure Software Technology. Together they developed a software program that made computers more secure. Back then the dot com market was exploding and their timing couldn’t have been better for this technology. SST grew into a twenty million dollar business and Josh was wealthy beyond his dreams.

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