Monday, May 9, 2016

Meet the Authors of Marketing for Romance Writers - Monthly Retweet Day #MFRWauthor

Retweet Day for #MFRWauthor - Join the fun
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For this month's Retweet Day on Twitter, we'd like to invite all Marketing for Romance Writers to set up tweets for their books.

Go into Twitter and create a tweet . Make sure to use #MFRWauthor or MFRW_Org
Once the tweet has been posted. Click on the ... (three dots) in the right hand corner.

This will give you the option to (copy link to tweet). Copy this link and put it in the comment section of this post.

Remember to visit the blog on May 11, and retweet everyone on the list.

 Also in an effort to help people find tweets to share of yours, click the ...(three dots) again and pin your tweet to your profile page. This will give you a count of how many people retweeted your post.

Don't forget  and Rules

1. Have #MFRWauthor or #MFRW_org in the tweet. (This retweet day is to promote each other and our group.)

2. Do not use profanity or sexual explicit graphics. Keep it clean for all age groups.

3. Return on Retweet Day and  click on each link and share everyone's post on twitter.

 Here's to a great day of retweets,

Tina Gayle

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