Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Writer's Block or Procrastination?@barbbradley

I am so sorry I haven't posted in a few months. As you know from an earlier blog I have been dealing with caring for my mother-in-law. I'm sad to tell you that she has passed away. The last two months were a whirlwind. Having to contact all the different people to make them aware, canceling the things I needed to. It's been crazy and I've had to make lists to keep it all straight.

With my mother-in-law gone I now supposedly have more time...

But I can't figure out what I seem to be doing with it.

I some of it is dealing with my grief and having to follow up on those phone calls to make sure I didn't miss anyone. Part of it is procrastination. I've been working on the same series since we moved in with my mother-in-law and even though I have one to finish and another one rattling around in my head I think I have this series linked to her.

I'm so grateful that I learned to write every night, whether I'm in the mood or not. It's going to help me work my way through all this. I'm going to put one word in front of the other until I'm writing the way I have in the past.


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