Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#WWoW Use Tweepi with Twitter.

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Tweepi is my favorite tool to use with Twitter.

Tweepi helps you make sense of your Twitter social graph with stats. You will be able to learn about the number of people you haven't followed back, the number of people who aren't following you, search people who your friends follow and much more. It makes it simple to manage your account by doing the following things much easier than manually through twitter...

This tool allows you to unfollow users who aren't following you back. Sometimes there are people we've followed that are no longer relevant and if they aren't following you, you may choose not to follow them.

This tool helps you find all the users that follow you, but you don't follow back. Then you can follow them back with a click of a button.

This feature allows you to unfollow users who no longer keep active twitter accounts. It's likely that you're following more than a few hundred people on Twitter. You must've noticed that many of these users either don't engage in conversations, never retweet anybody, or simply just ramble about nonsense stuff all day long (no links to useful content whatsoever!). You can use Tweepi cleanup tool to filter these people out and unfollow them. The Clean-up tool enables you to filter out those inactive and unwanted tweeps by letting you check out their details and decide for yourself!

This feature gives you a resource for finding users with similar interests. The most common way to find and add people with the same interests as you, is to find a popular user within your area of interest and add people who follow these known users.

Tweepi helps you analyze and filter tweeps out -the geeky way,
with numbers in a table- based on their activity and sociability. 

How do you start using Tweepi?
It's only 5 simple steps.

  1. Go to http://tweepi.com/
  2. Choose "login" (to start using Tweepi for free which is all you need)
  3. Enter your username/email with your password and click "Authorize app"
  4. Create a Tweepi account with your first and last name and your e-mail
  5. Start using Tweepi!
The first time you go through your account, it may take awhile but as you then update it every few weeks, it
becomes less of a chore. You'll find it worthwhile to create a SAFE LIST so you never accidentally unfollow someone you want to follow regardless of any stats. For example, you might be following a celebrity who doesn't follow people but you won't want to unfollow them. You might be surprised though at how many people you follow that aren't  following you and vice versa. Tweepi gives you the tools to make your Twitter account be exactly what you want. Make it work for you using Tweepi.

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