Sunday, February 9, 2014

When Opportunity Strikes, Attend EPICon2014 @EPICorg

When Opportunity Strikes
Sometimes writers become conditioned to writing just one genre—one area—it’s safe because they know what to do—how to go about it. However, sometimes being safe is not always the best course of action.

Workshop Presenter, John Foxjohn, is a perfect example of a writer leaving the “safe” mode, and it paying off. Killer nurse fell in John’s lap. John Foxjohn's true crime book, Killer Nurse, was the result of seizing an opportunity. What will you do if something falls into yours?

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Presenter Biography
The Pineywoods of East Texas have produced many things, including international best-selling author John Foxjohn. A country boy at heart, Foxjohn often says, “I was born and raised so far back in the woods they had to pump sunshine to us.” With little to do but hunt and fish, Foxjohn’s environment created an atmosphere that fostered imagination and dreams, something Foxjohn would excel at.

At the tender age of seventeen, he quit high school and joined the army. Foxjohn’s six years would see him graduate from jump school, ranger school, and become the youngest sergeant in the peacetime army. A tour in Viet Nam and Germany highlighted an extremely successful stint for Foxjohn. After an honorable discharge, Foxjohn followed that with ten years in law enforcement, including a long tour as a homicide detective. Fulfilling a promise to his dying mother, Foxjohn graduated from college and began a new adventure of teaching and coaching football.

Foxjohn had one of his childhood dreams left to accomplish. When he was twelve, he’d read a book about Crazy Horse. He said then that one day he would write a book about the fabled Lakota war chief. After retiring, Foxjohn became a writer, and the first book he wrote was a historical fiction titled, The People’s Warrior: a book about Crazy Horse.

Now considered one of the rising stars in publishing, Foxjohn has published in six different genres, and readers worldwide clamor for his books. And yes, Foxjohn says he’s still dreaming.