Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Writing Process: Meeting Your Editor - Part 2

The editing process is a very in depth topic and not one I feel should be crammed into one blog so I'm going to spread this out a little. :D

Here we go with the next installment:

Some publishers will introduce you to your editor by sending you both an e-mail. That way you and the editor will have each other’s e-mail address. This doesn’t mean you’re supposed to e-mail her/him all the time, asking where they are in your work. Other publishers will leave it up to the editor to contact the author.

Full time editors work on more than one manuscript at a time. Depending on how fast they can edit they could be working on five or more when they are working on yours. If they are part-time they might only work on one at a time, but most of us will edit one, send it to the author and pick up another one. As an avid reader I always want a book to read.

Your editor also has a life. They have family, some have children, some have elderly parents they take care of. They get sick, have a bad day, work a day job, have bills to pay. Understand we’re not perfect. I’ve had have times were it has taken me a long time (almost a month) to edit a book because of things going on in my life. Please know your editor is working as hard and as fast as they can to get your book back to you.

They want to make your book the best it can be and to rush would defeat that purpose. I know you have a deadline and it’s approaching fast but which would you rather have? A decent book put out on time or a great book that is a little late? Something to think about.

Next month I’ll be talking about what little I know about self publishing...Then we’ll get into the actual editing process.


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