Saturday, January 10, 2015

Priming the Pump #MFRWAuthor

The expression “prime the pump,” comes from the necessity to move water from one location to another, using a pump, whether manual or powered. Prior to actually transferring the water you need to put water into the pump itself, so the introduced water moves with less effort

Lenticular Cloud in the Morning...almost looks like an alien vessel. Hey, it's New Mexico
Thinking of writing, the activity of writing as a well of ideas moved along by the effort of creativity, it’s easy to relate the concept of priming the pump. Living in a drought prone environment encourages that parallel. The parallel is even more relevant when I find my creativity well has run as dry as the well out front of my house.

To prime that pump, I go to my personal inspirations: David Farland, the ever so irreverent Chuck Wendig, and marketing guru Seth Godin.

During NaNo month, Wendig’s blog was a non stop cheering section for those racing toward word count Finish Your Stuff Once November was behind us he put it in perspective. The very act of writing is a win no matter how many words made up your final count.

Lost Civilizations? Mountain Refuge?
David Farland’s Be Excited provided a great kick in the rear for those coming off the NaNo WIN high or the Didn’t Make It low. We must remember our passion for what we write.

You might wonder about using Seth Godin for inspiration unless you follow his pithy blog. As writers we are marketing our words and ourselves constantly. Doing so in a sane and constructive manner saves wasted time and avoids losing readers (customers) to poor communication. Where To Start ... You don't have to wait for perfect or large or revered or amazing. You can start.
On occasion I've primed that pump with the books of writers I admire. What a great reason to read instead of mopping the floor!

That Lenticular cloud at sunset. How many ideas can this spawn?
For other creative encouragement I walk outside and fill myself with high plains beauty. Not everyone appreciates wide vistas and lack of close neighbors, but it soothes my soul.
Unrelenting sunshine, no matter what the temperature, not to mention a vast array of stars at night, more than makes up for that long trek into Agility class. We have a bakery, a library, a great restaurant. What more do we need?

In fact I’m sitting at the back of that restaurant right now, hoping the relative quiet will help the fingers find the right keys. Or maybe just the change in environment. Heck who am I kidding, I was hungry for Chile Relleno and eggs!

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