Monday, August 11, 2014

How We Spent Our Summer Vacations: MFRW Young Adult Blog Hop #MFRWAuthor

Blog hop time is fast approaching, and this one will be particularly fun. The focus is Young Adult, and the theme is Summer Vacations. Who remembers that first essay we had to write once we were back together at school? "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." Didn't it seem like every other kid had a cooler summer than yours? Especially when too many summers were spent relocating when my father was transferred to a new Naval base.

Who remembers those long lazy summer days? When I first thought of this blog, a movie from my teen years came to mind:  

Please don't check on when this movie came out so you can calculate how old I am. A gal's gotta keep some mystery going!

Those days are long past and now summer is the time when I have to figure out how to keep the weeds under control and wonder if we're going to get enough rain to be bothered to put in a garden. It's New Mexico, and rain is generally an issue. This year not so much, and fortunately I got that garden put together, sort of, just in time for the hail to take out most of my blossoms. Gotta love the high desert.

 Unfortunately this hop is only for Young Adult authors. As much as I'd enjoy writing about summer vacations from the POV of one of my main characters, I can't participate, I'll only administer. I'm hearing rumors of a really cool prize so I strongly recommend you drop by when the hop goes live later this month. We have some remarkable YA authors ready to sign up, you won't be disappointed, win or lose.