Thursday, February 23, 2012

MFRW Announces New Promotions Director Karen Cote'

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Our marketing group has grown steadily over the past few years. 2012 is our sixth year. We began with twelve people and currently have over a thousand members. We have had a full-fledged professional newsletter for several years, and the group holds workshops and offers advice. We are adding our first conference this year, staffed by members. It's time to move to the next level and find more ways to help the publishing community of which we are a part. To that end, I have asked Karen Cote' to serve as our Promotions Director.
In some ways, Karen has already been doing this. She obtained promotion for us in magazines (The Book Breeze), an ezine (PRP Advertising Group), and with Lynn Crain, is organizing a contest idea she had to benefit our blogs (and its authors). She is an example of "caring in action."
Karen will be our ambassador, inviting new members, sharing information about MFRW with sites that can offer promotion, and hopefully opening doors to new opportunities to share our work as a group. She and I have discussed possibilities for the future, and ways in which MFRW can become a stronger resource, achieve value, and continue to be a "go to place" for authors needing helpful information.
Karen will also coordinate the promotional efforts for the upcoming Marketing Summer Camp. You'll hear more about that in the coming days and weeks.
Please join me in congratulating Karen on this new position. 
The staff of Marketing for Romance Writers also includes:
Group Owners: Marty Rayne, Jeanne Barrack
Newsletter Editor: Rochelle Weber
Proofers: Lavada Dee, Laurie Ryan
Blog Staff: Donna Basinow, Lynn Crain, W. Lynn Chantale, Chris Redding, Jean Drew

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Posted by Kayelle Allen