Thursday, February 23, 2012

MFRW Announces New Promotions Director Karen Cote'

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Our marketing group has grown steadily over the past few years. 2012 is our sixth year. We began with twelve people and currently have over a thousand members. We have had a full-fledged professional newsletter for several years, and the group holds workshops and offers advice. We are adding our first conference this year, staffed by members. It's time to move to the next level and find more ways to help the publishing community of which we are a part. To that end, I have asked Karen Cote' to serve as our Promotions Director.
In some ways, Karen has already been doing this. She obtained promotion for us in magazines (The Book Breeze), an ezine (PRP Advertising Group), and with Lynn Crain, is organizing a contest idea she had to benefit our blogs (and its authors). She is an example of "caring in action."
Karen will be our ambassador, inviting new members, sharing information about MFRW with sites that can offer promotion, and hopefully opening doors to new opportunities to share our work as a group. She and I have discussed possibilities for the future, and ways in which MFRW can become a stronger resource, achieve value, and continue to be a "go to place" for authors needing helpful information.
Karen will also coordinate the promotional efforts for the upcoming Marketing Summer Camp. You'll hear more about that in the coming days and weeks.
Please join me in congratulating Karen on this new position. 
The staff of Marketing for Romance Writers also includes:
Group Owners: Marty Rayne, Jeanne Barrack
Newsletter Editor: Rochelle Weber
Proofers: Lavada Dee, Laurie Ryan
Blog Staff: Donna Basinow, Lynn Crain, W. Lynn Chantale, Chris Redding, Jean Drew

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Posted by Kayelle Allen

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Author Tip: Fonts and Curly Quotes

Author Tip 
A tip on fonts and special characters etc. When posting online, some sites strip curly quotes - the kind that in front curl one way and in the back curl the other and replace it with the code for that command. Sometimes it puts 3-4 other things in its place.

Which means this: "He loves her; it's obvious."
Becomes this: “He loves her. It’s obvious. ”

A font that readers don't possess can cause the same thing. For example, something frilly and fancy like a handwritten-looking font changes to courier with the codes above.

When posting, use Calibri, Arial, Times, or Times New Roman, and turn off the curly quotes feature on your word processor. Your readers will thank you.
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About the Author
Kayelle Allen is an award-winning, multi-published author. Her heroes and heroines include badass immortals, warriors who purr, and agents who find...well, the unfindable. And sometimes (shh!) make them disappear again. She is known for unstoppable heroes, uncompromising love, and unforgettable passion. You can find her on the web in these places:

Monday, February 13, 2012

MFRW is on Facebook

MFRW on Facebook is a sister group to Marketing for Romance Writers on Yahoo. It enables us to post promotional info, get and give help on questions, and support one another. This group is open to authors (published and non), agents, editors, author promo services, publishers, cover designers, artists, and virtual assistants.

Join us on Facebook, and you can use the Facebook page as a target for Networked Blogs, post promotional info, and share updates about your writing.  We look forward to seeing you!


Also join our other blog: MFRW Authors - Marketing for Romance Writers

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Class: 10 Ways to Promote Your eBook

Do you have a limited budget, or don’t think you have enough time to promote your book? Everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame and in this two-hour workshop, Susan Palmquist will show you ten easy and inexpensive ways to get your name out to the masses.
When: Saturday, Feb 4, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm Eastern
Where: Class will be held on the Marketing for Romance Writers Yahoo Group. Click the name to visit the home page. 
Cost: Membership is free, and so are all classes.
Teacher: Susan Palmquist is a freelance writer, writing teacher, author and blogger. Prior to her writing career she worked in PR for non-profits. She was also a publicist for three years mostly working with authors, actors and musicians. One of her specialties is promotion on a budget.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Signature Workshop sponsored by MFRW

What: Learn how to create a signature for your promos and emails that brings you readers, and helps generate sales. You will be able to submit a signature for critique by the teacher, as well as the group.
Four authors' signatures have been chosen as examples for the workshop. Was yours one of them? Come find out.
When: Monday Nov 14, 2011
Start time: (two-hour class)
8:00p  Atlantic

7:00p  Eastern
6:00p  Central
5:00p  Mountain
4:00p  Pacific

Where: class will be held on the group, in email/forum style.
Cost: FREE. No fees. No sign up. To attend, simply show up and be ready to learn.
Who: The public may read the messages, but only members have access to notes afterward, and only members can reply to comments or post questions. There is NO COST to join.
You may invite friends to join by sending them to OR use the shorter, non-breaking URL

Teacher: Mary, Jupiter Gardens, LLC
Nurturing your inner worlds and exploring new ones!
Jupiter Gardens Press (metaphysical fiction/nonfiction and sf/f)
Jupiter Storm, YA imprint
Pink Petal Books, romance imprint
Nature's Child Ezine for pagan families, children, teens, and anyone who feels like a child of nature.

Premade tweets:
Copy and paste one of these into Twitter to share info about the class.

#Free #Workshop 11/14 7p EST Create an author signature that brings you readers. Teacher: @jupitergdnpress

Create a great signature #Free #Workshop 11/14 7p EST #MFRW #promotips #marketing #authors

#Free Upcoming Workshop on MFRW "Create a signature" #authors #promotips