Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gain Perspective on Promotion at EPICon 2014 *Writing Conference* @EPICorg

EPIC, the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition™ ( was established in 1998 and is a global organization of published authors and industry-related professionals who actively advocate continuing education and further enlightenment of electronic publications.

EPIC’s annual conference, EPICon™, invites industry professionals to share the latest eIndustry information, hone writing and editing skills, and explore new markets and promotional ideas. Keynote luncheon speakers range from world-renowned authors to established publishing houses to eBook and print agents. For more information, please visit

Now, why should you attend EPICon 2014? 
For the fabulous workshops?
For the entertainment factor?
For the exciting networking opportunities?
For the delightful Texas charm in San Antonio?
Yes! Yes! Yes! & Yes!

All of this while networking with industry professionals, seeing old friends and making new ones at the eFiesta and Gala eBook Awards Banquet. Delight your senses on a San Antonio River Cruise and gear up for a Ghost tour of the historic--and haunted--Menger Hotel

Register today at!

Jo-Ann Power knows the publishing industry. In 33 years, she has been published with newspapers,
magazines, 3 traditional publishers, 6 digital and small presses under her own name AND a pseudonym—and now self-publishes some of her work in digital and print. That equals 62 novels under her own name and a pseudonym. Sharing her knowledge of the industry, she ran her own Public Relations corporation for more than 20 years, with an expertise in book and author promotion. She is no stranger to the ups and downs and sideways flow of the biz!

Jo-Ann's workshop will show how PR and PROMO has dramatically changed in the past few years. She'll teach how to assess what you need, why and how to create a PR Plan that works for you!

Attendees will get PERSPECTIVE. Vital to any PR or PROMOTIONAL plan, perspective is one aspect any harried author needs…yesterday. Best of all, Jo-Ann will offer concepts on how to tailor a PR/PROMO plan to an author's personal writing habits, needs and budget.

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